Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Learning Summit (GLS)?

The Global Learning Summit is an initiative designed to support the growth and development of the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) profession. Through utilization of the latest technology, GLS capitalizes on cutting-edge, virtual content delivery to provide a global audience with three (3) days of high-quality professional development and educational opportunities. This event offers attendees an opportunity to actively participate, network, and pursue professional development in a capacity that is convenient, affordable, and readily attainable.

When is the Global Learning Summit?

The second BCSP GLS will be held live on May 7-9, 2024.

What is the cost?

The cost of registration is $25 USD per person, making it affordable and global.

Due to the low cost, refunds are not available.

Who should attend the Global Learning Summit?

All are welcome to attend! The Global Learning Summit is committed to providing SH&E learning opportunities for professionals with all levels of responsibility for safety, of diverse professional backgrounds, from anywhere in the world. From students just starting out, to safety leaders in the field, and those just curious about learning more about the profession, GLS is dedicated to providing educational SH&E content to everyone.

Will I be able to earn recertification points for attending?

Yes, absolutely! Attendees who participate in the event are eligible to earn recertification points.  More information regarding the recertification process may be found at

What content will be available?

Sessions will be categorized into various educational tracks dedicated to topics relevant to SH&E today. What tracks and corresponding learning objectives you can expect can be found on the 2022 GLS’s Learning Agenda page at

Will content be accessible for persons with disabilities?

BCSP believes the Global Learning Summit should be available to everyone. To fulfill this value, BCSP has selected a platform for the GLS, Cvent, that allows content to be accessible to persons with a wide array of disabilities.

Read Cvent’s Accessibility Statement.

Will presentations be available after the event?

The GLS hosts three (3) days of high-quality live and pre-recorded content available on-demand during the event and for the 30 days following the event. Be sure to secure your access and take advantage of this opportunity to hone your skills and make the most of the Global Learning Summit!

How do I access the live event?

When you register for the GLS, an email will be sent to you with a link to log in to the event. You will use the same login information created during registration. You will also be able to log in to the event on this website using the Login button.

How can I connect with other attendees during the virtual event?

The Global Learning Summit is an incredible opportunity to make connections with SH&E professionals from all over the world. The platform will allow you to connect with others using your user profile, discover attendees with various credentials and experience, attend meetings, and share contact information, making networking opportunities virtually endless.